Our Locations

Pre-Primary Schools and Tutorial Support Centres

The blue centre

This is the first Centre JANA builds in 2015 in Keyogram. 87 Children between the age of five and ten visit the blue centre for Tutorial and homework support.

The orange centre

was founded in 2016 the Village Kusodanga. 57 Children are taken care of here.

The green centre

also founded in 2016 this centre is situated next to the Moderat Government Primary School. Which means that the 29 children visiting JANA don’t have it far after school.

The red centre

started in 2019 in the village named Baniari. Due to the high demand in this region, the red centre opened only 5 minutes away from the blue centre. Now another 58 children are supported here.

The silver centre

In 2020 JANAs newest centre was opened in Falannagore. 27 boys and girls go to Pre-Primary School here.



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