JANA Model Farm

JANAs new agricultural project improves food security, promotes sustainable agriculture and increases awareness towards the use of ressources.

Main goals


  • Building and empowering young people and communities for the development of a sustainable agriculture, education and improved job opportunities.
  • Establishment of a social enterprise to create sustainable financial resources for JANA.
  • A best practice community project driven for a social, ecological and circular economy in the district of Faridpur in Bangladesh.



Toxic conventional agriculture, including pesticides and general pollutions cause serious diseases or lead to infertality.


Structural discrimination and unaffordable land prices. Inaccessible knowledge about ecological cultivation. Unequal access to food and an unbalanced diet.

Non-diversified economy

Strong dependence on agricultural income, due to little rural non-farm enterprises.

Poor child rights & high drop out rate

Fourth highest rate of child marriage. The highest child labor rate with 3.45 million active child workers.


Sustainable Agriculture, Livestock and Pisciculture

Waste and Resource Management

Education and Training

Knowledge management


Economic Stability

Regenerated Ecosystem

Improved Livelihood and Health

Youth Leadership and Improved Labour Market Opportunities

Strong through Partnership

Strong through partnerships – planetYES and JANA. The aim is to strengthen the community and the youth in the region of Boalmari in Bangladesh. In order to improve the livelihood of the families. The jointly developed transformation strategy is based on an interdisciplinary, regenerative and community-based approach. This should have a global impact and embody improved innovative knowledge management in the subsequent phase.

With its interdisciplinary and integrative approach, planetYES helps to create a network of scientists and experts for a comprehensive strategy for the region. The results should be embedded in an innovation and knowledge-based network.


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